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Where do you meet?
Who can play?
What does it cost?
What happens when the weather is bad?
What else do I need to know?
I want to play who do I contact?
How do I get to other grounds for away games?
General tips

Where do you meet? - We meet at the Rugby Club in Kelso on a Sunday. Generally this is at 10:20 for training (on the park at 10:30) but the time changes if we are playing an away game. If there's nobody there and the changing rooms are open, pop in and take a look at the youth noticeboard in the foyer.
Kelso Rugby Club
Poynder Park
Tel/Fax:- 01573 223773
Clubrooms:- 01573 224300

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Who can play? - Any child (boy or girl) from Primary 3 upwards who is prepared to run, tackle and generally get completely covered in mud. Primaries 1 and 2 are also welcome and will learn basic handling and passing.
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What does it cost? - The cost for a season of mini rugby is twenty pounds per child. The SRU have decreed that all Mini rugby players should have insurance cover, thus five pounds of the club fee is put directly against insurance for your child for the season. This fee is payable at the beginning of the season.
The remaining money from the fee covers the cost of juice and a pie on match days and laundry bills for the tops

Incidental costs are;. What happens when the weather is bad? - During the Winter months training/games can be distrupted by frost or excessive rain. If the weather looks bad, parents should firstly listen to Radio Borders (96.8FM) where details of cancelled training/games are broadcast on a regular basis from around 8am. If there has been no Radio broadcast and you are still unsure, contact one of the coaching staff.
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What else do I need to know? - Parents of children in P3 or below should not feel that their child has to come along every week. If it is wet or cold it is probably better that they stay at home, rather than be miserable and lose any enthusiasm for the game.
All children who train or play are entitled to come along to our mid season Xmas party and end of season tour to Ayr where the awards for the year are presented.
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I want to play who do I contact? - You can contact any of the coaches on any Sunday we are training (see our program) or, if we have a home match, after the match is finished (usually about 1.00ish).

All players will receive a rugby shirt to wear on match days but will require their own top for training (anything will do as long as you don't mind it getting dirty or ripped)
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How do I get to other grounds for away games? - Travel directions to some of the grounds we visit during the year can be found by following the links below.
Kelso RFC
Jed-Forest RFC
Gala RFC
Selkirk RFC
Melrose RFC
Duns RFC
Peebles RFC
Langholm RFC
Berwick RFC
Penicuik RFC
Musselburgh RFC
Marr RFC (Ayr Tour)

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